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The United Designers On-Line Design Training courses are produced by Daniel Halsey and United Designers team members across the world.

The courses available are time tested workshops and classes presented across the world as classroom sessions. These courses have been reformatted and made suitable for improved on-line education experience. Daniel Halsey is a international instructor and ecological designer, trained in Moodle development. This platform adheres to the demanding quality of graduate study education and is intended for serious life long learners. The progression of courses is designed to assist the participants in developing professional and career design skills. Resources made available are for the exclusive use of the students during and after courses as a United Designer partner. The resources in the courses change as new and hopefully better ones become available. Materials used in the United Designers On-Line Design Courses are copyrighted and released only to the participants of each courses and its specific contents.  Collaborative artwork and concepts are copyrighted by the creators unless otherwise noted.

Participation in each of these courses is voluntary and not required for participation in UD programs or projects. Skills and knowledge developed in these courses is preferred understanding to allow designers to accelerate their professional development. In-depth study of a designer's chosen specialty is available outside this education resource. Additional study and reading is highly recommended and mandatory for continued quality improvement.

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    Available courses

    Course Progression Mind Map Video

    An asynchronous (start anytime and proceed at your own pace) advanced course in permaculture, ecological design, and the United Designers design process using Adobe Illustrator.   This course is self paced. Plan on at least 6 weeks to complete, but you may extend use to 6 months.

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    Incorporating GIS Data for Ecological Restoration

    Strategies with the United Designers Design Process

    Presented July 31, 2020

    BETA, Under Construction, but usable!

    At the present time we have incredible resources for digital and information technology to create maps and assess the condition of the landscape.   Developing the technology to read and understand global information from satellites and aerial imaging gives us a sense spatially of our resources and long-term trajectory.  Although we get great information from aerial imaging, satellite data, and other GIS resources, this information needs to be placed in context. For the most part GIS information does not contain biological services within the landscape. It does not survey soil biology of the true relationship behind the patch dynamics of ecosystems. For that we need human observation on the site and our initial site assessment in order to cover all the trophic design levels needed for good solutions. This course focuses on the chronological steps to developing an understanding the context for ecological design by understanding the cultural, natural, and many times economic systems that already exist.  Our final solutions will come from strategies built on the combination of ground-level landscape assessment supported by the pattern  and spatial recognition from global information systems.  Modules are intended to inform the strategies through a step-by-step design process. Details added as we progress.

    This course option is limited to the Video Index.

    Required software : Adobe Creative Suite, or Illustrator and Photoshop.

    This course option is for foundation learning of the design process.